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Heated Massage Chair Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Recliner SL Track 3D Shiatsu Massage Chair With Anion (RV8661)
Heated Massage Chair Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Recliner SL Track 3D Shiatsu Massage Chair With Anion (RV8661)
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Great for relaxing after an exhausting day at work

Great for the entire body, relaxing and conformable. It massages every area and it makes you feel great after just 15 minutes of relaxation. You can adjust every setting for the one it best suits your necessities. Great in overall!


6 foot, 200 lbs.

Comfy, Bluetooth is legitimate, heat is phenomenal. Set up - piece of cake.

Did my research. So far, it's everything I thought it would be.

Zero-G...very relaxing.

Freedom to get a massage whenever is really nice.

I'm a bricklayer 54yrs old and have knots up and down my back which get ironed out nicely. My wife and daughter use it regularly. I like the different settings and the manual choices are nice because I can concentrate the "roller" on my lower or upper back for as long as I choose. Real life massages are nice but for me this is just as good or better.

Money well spent.

I was actually worried about one review when I bought this for my wife. Something about it beat her to death, lol. This chair does the job its meant for. My wife works in a factory. Lots of standing, walking, lifting. When she gets home she gets in this chair.. My wife is 5 2. She loves it..

Excellent Quality Chair

We chose these chairs after much research and reading a lot of reviews. We wanted a chair that would do “everything” be dependable, good quality and last a long time. These chairs have not disappointed. We are very active and seek pain relief and just plain old relaxation on a regular basis, these fit the bill perfect! With so many adjustments, you’d be hard pressed to not find, just the right treatment. Besides functional, they are a stunning piece of furniture as well. We highly recommend these chairs.

Best money investment I've ever made. 

Ohhhh my goodness!! Let me just start by saying I did NOT choose this massage chair without doing my due diligence. Went to a couple local stores, found something similar for $4,500. Ordered this one instead, after searching for something comparable, as I was okay waiting on the shipment since I saved $3000.The chair is beautiful, remote control is easy to use, the chair packs a punch with the airbags and rollers!! I have been working on self care, but unfortunately somewhat confined to my home for a variety of reasons. Found this and can do self care without a thought once or twice daily!!!

Highly recommend

This chair is incredible! I have scoliosis and the relief I have received since purchasing this product is night and day.